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Brief Bio

Bryce Ernest Taylor delights audiences with his talent, energy, and insight. This artist, musician, psychologist, lover of life, gives testament to life's enduring excitement and mystery. While he began singing, playing guitar, and writing songs at a fairly early age, the seeds of his passion remained mostly below the surface for years.  Perhaps fed by the experiences of love, marriage, fatherhood, and a career as a psychologist, these seeds have grown as  Bryce has discovered more fully his passion for songwriting and sharing his music with others.  While the fruits of his passion had been incorporated into therapy sessions and performances in coffee shops and bars in Texas, South Carolina, and Indiana, he realized the music needed to be closer to the center of his life. Now, true to himself as an artist, Bryce is intentional about communicating and connecting with others through music, and is truly cultivating this musical garden with audiences large and small, near and far away.

Breaking into the live music scene in the Indianapolis area, Bryce has become known and respected by the singer/songwriter community there as a great songwriter with excellent vocal and guitar skills. He has opened for Jason Wilber (John Prine's guitarist of over 25 years) and his song "The Man with the Muse" was the winner of the Songwriter's Challenge at the 2018 Eagle Creek Folk Festival. His unorthodox use of multiple capos is also clearly respected as a unique skill that produces interesting and unique guitar tones, distinguishes him from other musicians, and helps to create an interesting listen.  He has been accurately described as a songwriter's songwriter. Bryce's smooth lead vocal, accented by electronically enhanced harmonies, interesting instrumentation, and rhythms demonstrate that skilled use of tools available to the modern musician can really enhance a performance. 

Having raised 3 daughters, Bryce is now based in the beautiful, inspiring hills of Lexington, KY where he is able to devote more time to dipping in flowing streams of inspiration and tilling the rich musical soil, writing and performing in listening rooms, coffee shops, and house concerts. From reflections on the day to day goings on of love and life to more broad urgings for personal growth and social justice, Bryce entertains and reminds us of what it means to experience both the joys and the struggles of a life well-lived.

Live it!