Photo By: Michael "Woody" Statler



Meet Bryce Ernest Taylor

Bryce Ernest Taylor brings a fresh eclectic, insightful approach to songwriting and performance. A modern renaissance man, skilled in arts and technology, and a licensed psychologist, his passion for music has grown from seeds planted as a child growing up with the rich, country/folk influences of Texas and Oklahoma. The diversity of his songwriting reflects his living life in the varied terrains of the shifting beaches of South Carolina, the soaring wild mountains of Colorado, earthy influences of Indiana, and the fertile, green, heavenly hills of Kentucky. Departing somewhat from the stripped-down, rugged performance of a modern-day singer-songwriter, Bryce's smooth lead vocal, accented by electronically enhanced harmonies, interesting instrumentation, and rhythms demonstrate that skilled use of tools available to the modern musician can enhance a performance and do not have to sound artificial. From reflections on the day to day goings on of love and life to more broad urgings for personal growth and social justice, Bryce entertains and reminds us of what it means to live both the joys and the struggles of a life well-lived.

While predominantly a solo performer, Bryce loves to team up with other musicians that serve to enhance his music and add to the experience and message. With his creativity and vocal flexibility, cover songs take on a fresh sound without losing their intended meaning or interfering with sing-a-long efforts. Bryce Ernest Taylor is clearly an artist who has a passion for music and for creating a LIVE musical community.